How to precheck and maybe disable the start button if there is a foreground process running

First of all the Robot.Js SDK is great. Everything works and we have super nice frontends now.

But there is currently one downside with that new feature.

If the Robot is already running a process. And you start a new process in the browser, you get the message “Can only start one forground process”. Ok no problem.

But the Robot.Js does not allow me to check if there is already a process running.

So how to precheck and maybe disable the button if there is a foreground process running? So the user of the frontend cannot do something bad.

Already had a closer look here, but that does only show how to start a process SDK Specifications

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+1 This is an excellent feature request, I can see how this would be useful. Until we’re able to add this, you can try publishing an empty process which you can use to “probe” to see if the Robot is busy at a pre-defined interval.

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Or using the Orchestrator API and request if the Robot is currently busy.

But this is something very easy for the Robot.js so would be better to have here.

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