How to post comment as internal in jira


According to requirement i have to update comment as internal in jira.
like this in below image

how can i achieve this.
@Cristian_Negulescu @deepak.rai6

Try this JSON

checked this but didnt worked for me.
below worked
end point - β€œhttps://***********.com/sdesk/rest/servicedeskapi/request/”+Key+β€œ/comment”

json -
β€œ{ β€œβ€œbody””: β€œβ€β€+strReadReport+β€œβ€β€œ, β€œβ€œpublic””: false}”

Try this codeMain.xaml (11.2 KB)
all the logic is base on this post

The logic is like this YOU have comment and you Update this with another value and the specification that is internal

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Thanks this is also working

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