How to populate multiple checkboxes

Hi All,

i am populating the data from excel. I have a multiple checkbox field. In excel I have data like below:


How can I select the check boxes. In this case, both the options should be checked.

Use “invoke vba” and check the checkbox options

Can u explain little more on this?
For now, I have read the details, split with new line and used foreach and under that used click.

If the checkboxes are in an application or website, then you can look at the selector of each check box. You should find that the data in your excel is found in one of the attributes of the checkbox.

So, you can use the Check activity for check boxes and use the value from your table in the selector.
For example if your value is equal to row(3).ToString.Trim, then the selector could be similar to:

"< aaname='*"+row(3).ToString.Trim+"*' />"

You will want to edit this selector as a string, so click inside the Selector property instead of using the Selector editor (you want to use Expression editor so it’s a string)

This will also depend on how the selector is, as I’m assuming it includes the options in the selector.

Hope this helps.


Yeah I have done the same, Thanks clayton