How to populate an existing Word document/template

Hi. I’m trying to find out how to populate an existing Word document eg. to fill up a Word form. I hope to use UIPath to analyse the document and fill it up according to words detected in the document. Is this possible? Could you share some steps/directions? Appreciate it!


@abdcef, maybe this will get you started. There’s not much to this, but you can certainly build on it.
See these links too:

Word automation
Word application scope
Word activities guide


Word (16.0 KB)


thanks @burque505. I’d seen the links earlier. However i dont think the functions available can achieve what i’d like to do. eg. in a Word doc there is a field as follows

Name: …

I was hoping to use UIPath to search for the keyword ‘Name’ and when found to insert my name next to the field name. Replace text is a possibility but it’s only a global replace function and it replaces more than necessary.

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@abcdef, are you able to share a document, or a section of it that has the field you mention? There are a number of ways to do what you describe, even if not using a UiPath activity directly.

Hi. Sorry but i dont have permission to attach document to this forum. Hence i’d provided the dropbox link to the partial doc itself.

As you can see there are multiple occurences of ‘Name’ in one page itself

Dear All,

I have one big challenge for word document hyperlinks,


I’ve an excel with name and url’s, we’ve to read the name and url from the excel and place the hyperlinks in word document that the name are already present in word document. mentioned below.


Please help me with example it’s very urgent requirement for me.

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I have a similar problem, was this solved?