How to Pivot

I have a problem creating a “dynamic” pivot.

  • I can’t use Balareva package.
  • I can’t use Excel Application.
  • I am not autonomous in creating a VBA or C #

I am trying to copy the data collected as a table, in a file that contains the pivot.
At each bot RUN, therefore, I plan to update the pivot, and get my result.

my flow, returns this error.
image (31,8 KB)
Can anyone help me?

Hy @AaronMark,

Please check my workflow, whenever you are working with excel files use the ‘Excel Application Scope’, it worked now. I recoment to use it like this whenever working with excel

Please like my post and mark my answer as solution, it helps me.
Any questions please let me know

Regards (34.1 KB)

Hi William,
as I wrote above, unfortunately I cannot use the excel application scope. This is because there is no office package in the place where the BOT is to be placed.
For this reason they are in trouble.