How to Pick Some Columns for Data Scraping

Hi! I am currently trying to scrape the data from a table in a website. The table contains many columns that I don’t need. Is it possible to choose some columns are put a range of columns when data scraping? Thank you.

HI @Archie

You can achieve this by two methods as far i know

Method 1

  • While Data scrapping the table the wizard will be shown that can it get all the values from table
  • In that you need to select the NO and select the columns manually and give your column name and extract correlated data of all column you need.

Method 2

  • After datascrapping the table
  • Use Filter datatable and Go to Output column section and click on Keep radio button and give your column names one by one by clicking “+” on it




Once the data scraping is done then it will store into the datatable

So you can use Filter Datatable and give which columns you need as below


Hope this will help you



Hi @Archie

we can try editing the metadata in extract data table properties and select the desired column we need?

Or after extracting we can try below expression to get the column you need!




Thanks! I did the method 1. I wasn’t aware of the “Correlated Data” Button. I managed to save some seconds on creating the datatable.

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