How to pick first value from two different columns

Hello all,

I am working on data table where there are two columns as shown in below image. So here I want to take a combine first value from both cells, then second value from both cells.
For example- From first cell if the value is ‘Complete’ then from second cell the whatever the first value is there like ‘completed’. likewise for all the values in both cells as below
“key” : “Complete”,
“value” : “completed”

“key” : “More Info”
“value” : “information”

“key” : “Cancel Ticket”
“value” : “cancelled”

Can anyone please help me in this with logic or code?

Thanks in Advance.



does this help?

In each cell there are 3-5 values and I want iterate for that values. As shown in above image I want a combination of both cells like Complete-completed, More Info-information, Cancel Ticket-cancelled likewise for other rows.

i’m not sure there is a direct solution than to try :

  • find first/last data row-> save for later
  • text to column to split by each word the above saved value
    and then just use and combine each word

to advance with find first/last to second row and so on you have the offset property on the activity properties tab