How to pick color from colour theme

i want to pick color from the theme as i attached in screenshot! i tried using click image by setting a set focus, but i could’nt implement via uipath so suggest me any possible way!

Hi @naveen19,
If Studio is compatible with your application (in term of UiElements) then click activity and proper selector edition should do the job. Is click activity catching the selector in your case?

@Pablito click is not working , when i try to use it gets focus of full theme colors! is there is any other way ??

Have you tried to use F2 for this action?
it gives you more time to go inside the list and then pick-up UiElement hidden inside.

If you want the same colour everytime and the window will always be run in the same resolution you could use a click relative. The easiest way to do this, is to use the basic recorder.

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Thank you @Ellboy its working as u mentioned :slight_smile:

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tried but not working :slight_smile:

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