How to persist data between UIPath Process & DialogFlow Chatbot

I have a scenario which is as follows

  1. Users need to enter various details in the Dialogflow chatbot.
  2. Once chatbot sufficient details it is calling UIpath process to get the list of Items
  3. After displaying a list of items, user is entering any number to select the item.
  4. Then Chatbot asking for Delivery date & time and sending it back to the UIpath process for validation.
  5. If the delivery slot is not available, UIpath is sending a list of alternate timeslots in a string variable to Chatbot.
  6. Now user is selecting any slot by entering the number in the chatbot.
  7. When chatbot again sending the selected alternate slot number back to UIpath it won’t have the list of slots that we sent earlier.

My query is that how we can persist data between multiple process call and chatbots.
If anyone has gone through this kind of issue Please answer this.

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@gaurav.tiwari - you can persist data across RPA runs using Orchestrator queues.
An example of how to do this is included in use cases 2 and 3 of the Chatbot sample for retail - #7 by Karan


Thanks @Karan I’ll check this.