How to perform the Operations as per the input given?

I wanted to create a script which will perform some operations on website application…

  1. We have an order history page on our website. Within this page, we have a list of orders organized by customer.
  2. I am going to pass an order number via a configuration file.
  3. We need to verify whether the given order number is present on the order history page. Once it is found, we need to perform validation for that order number using activities such as “Get Text” and “Click.”

Note: The order number we provide may not always appear at the top.

Is it possible to do?

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Yeah you can

  1. Get the value from that page and compare that with your value in the Config file
    You can get the value from that page using GET ATTRIBUTE activity and get the attribute aaname or text or innerText as value

  2. Compare it with IF activity and then proceed based on your need

Cheers @Kunal_Mhetraskar

I am able to retrieve all the order numbers using the data scraping method. However, the challenge I am encountering is that the order number I am providing is not always in the top position; it may be in the 2nd position or even the last. When creating the script, we are currently capturing the element for the first order only. How should we capture the element based on the order number provided?

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How is the output looking after scrapping
Can u share that as a screenshot


Now, let’s consider that in the configuration file, I have provided an order number that is located in the 3rd position within the data table. So, I can identify that order number within the data table by comparing it to the input order number. However, if I wish to perform operations specifically on this 3rd order, is that feasible?

Additionally, I am also capturing other fields, such as the products in that order. How can I capture those fields as well?

Can anyone help me on this ??

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