How to Perform Power Query Using UiPath


I have been exploring methods to automate Power Query operations in Excel but haven’t come across readily available solutions. I am wondering if there are any existing tools or techniques that enable automation of Power Query processes within Excel?


From what I know power query enables you to connect to an external data source, transform the data then load into excel. Similar thing can be achieved via UiPath Studio activities:

  • Connect to external data source - can be done via HTTP requests to an API, integration activities, database connection
  • Transform the data - can be easily done via datatables, string manipulation, calculations etc.
  • Load the data into excel - doable via write range activity

Hi Lyn

I came across the following activity. Do check out

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Thanks for the reply. I managed to achieve the initial task using the Format as Table activity and navigating to the Power Query Editor with keyboard shortcuts. However, I’m now exploring if there’s a more streamlined approach to unpivot columns name containing “Invoices” using UiPath activities. Do you have any recommendations or methods that could assist with this?