How to perform multiple functions on excel using RPA

Hi @Vishal_K

I would like to refer to my earlier topic here: (How to read - #3 by WadeShon)

Can i check if it is possible to trouble you for a little while longer? I have an updated template Template_RPA.xlsx (29.1 KB) and Games.xlsx (21.7 KB) .
The steps are the same, just that there are some changes:

  1. Instead of copying the headers (i.e. S/No., Record Type, Game Type) from Games_2 tab to the Listing sheet, I have prefixed the headers in the Template. So, we only have to copy the rows below, from S/No 1 to the last S/No for that particular game. (Note: we will be keeping the Requestor column (i.e. Column M) in this new template instead)

  2. We will need to copy 2 things from the Games_2 tab to the Listing sheet in the template. They are the Game Name and Details (highlighted in yellow). The Details will be the same for all 13 games, but the Game Name is the particular Game table that we are copying.

  3. I have prepared a cover letter in the Template excel file that is based on the Listing worksheet. I will need to print this letter to PDF and save into the Output folder.

  4. In the output folder, I will need to create different game folders, each with 2 files inside (i.e. Game 1 folder, with Game 1’s password-protected excel file + Game 1’s cover letter).

I tried to implement this yesterday after your solution in my previous topic, but I am stuck. Hope that you are able to provide your inputs here so I can learn from it.

Thank you!

HI @WadeShon

Find the workflow, you can refer annotations for understanding the workflow. Test it and let me know (55.0 KB)

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