How to perform Group by operation for a specific column in a DataTable and add cities belonging to specific state as a comma separated in single line

Hi @UiPath Community,

Please provide a solution to the below scenario.

Calculate district wise population.
Create input data in Data as below:


And required output should be like as below:



I hope the below code will help you

Assign it to Datatable variable

table.AsEnumerable().GroupBy(Function( r) New With {Key
.st = r.Field(Of String)(“State”), Key
.dis = r.Field(Of String)(“District”)
}).[Select](Function( g)
Dim row = table.NewRow()
row(“State”) =
row(“District”) = g.Key.dis
row(“City”) = String.Join(“,”, g.[Select](Function( r) r.Field(Of String)(“City”)))
row(“Pop”) = g.Sum(Function( r) r.Field(Of Integer)(“Pop”))
Return row
End Function).CopyToDataTable()

I tried assigning above code to data table variable but i’m getting expression expected error. Can you please create workflow because i’m not having any experience related to database in UiPath.


Can you share the data as excel?

Hi @aanandsanraj,

Please find the excel attachment.Population.xlsx (9.0 KB)