How to perform Exception handling without wasting extra time?

I am working on an automation, where while populating the data a pop-up can appear and for multiple scenarios there can be different pop-ups. (which can appear some time and sometime not)

I don’t want to give the extra delay to wait for the pop-up to appear because as i said it can occur randomly …
So is there a way i can handle it without any extra time as the automation is already taking lot of time


I assume you will be using click activity to handle that intermittent popup.

Enable Continue on error and reduce the Timeout to suitable time in seconds.
This will ensure that popup will be clicked if appeared, if not it will continue further activities.

No need to use Check App State.

Ashok :slight_smile:

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Hi @Sami_Rajput ,

  • Retry Scope Activity:
  • Drag a Retry Scope activity into your workflow.
  • Inside the Retry Scope, place an Element Exists activity to check for the pop-up.
  • Set the Condition to continue retrying if the pop-up exists.
  • Try-Catch Block:
  • Place the Retry Scope inside a Try-Catch block.
  • In the Catch block, use the necessary activities to handle the pop-up.


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