How to perform Click action based on a condition

I am using an application and is there is a table of 4 rows (this count may vary) and 6 columns. One of the columns is “Duration”. There is a view button to see the details of each row. I Need to view the details (click ‘view’ button) only if the “Duration” field has a particular value (Example - may be if the “Duration” is for previous week, then only I will click on ‘View’ button, otherwise will skip that row. Could you please suggest to perform this task using UI StudioX

Hello @srinivasam ,

As a quick idea, you can do the following:

  1. try to do data scraping, to take the entire table.
  2. Iterate on each row, and put a condition for the Column ‘Duration’
  3. If duration satisfy your condition, put a click or whatever action you want.

Just an idea.


Hello Vasile, I will check it, Thank you for the help

Hello Vasile,
After Data scaping data is extracted to an excel sheet, There I can Iterate on each row using “For Each row” of excel sheet. But the requirement is based on a condition, I need to click on the ‘view’ button on the webpage. If a condition is not satisfied that row needs to be skipped on the webpage and next row needs to be considered. Similarly condition needs to be evaluated on each row of the webpage. I have uploaded the image for reference. Please suggest.

Further. I am Using StudioX