How to perform certain activities when a user stops the process abruptly via UiPath Assistant

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The “Should Stop” activity you mentioned checks if the job was stopped using the stop option in UIPATH.Orchestrator. However, if the user stops the job(clicks on the stop) via UiPath Assistant will “Should Stop” work or is there any other activity that can be used to handle this?
I want to perfrom certain activities when a user stops the process abrubptly via UiPath Assistant.
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Hi @Aditi.av

If the user will kill the process then it will be killed without doing any checks.

But if the user will stop it then you can have the should stop activity.

Here is the documentation for the same


Hi @Aditi.av

when we stop from Assistant the job ends abruptly and there is no signal relayed to “Should Stop”
activity and I don’t think we can perform any activities within same process after stopping from Assistant.

Hi Shreyash,

It doesn’t work from UiPAth Assistant.

Yeah, thats what I thought.
But when user stops the processes abruptly, is there any kind of exception that can be captured and then perform admin activities before the process stops completely?

I dont think there is any at this point, but as a workaround to perform admin activities you can develop an orchestration bot that can perform these admin activities based on the stopped status

Hi Aditya,

By admin activties I meant sending email about how many requests have been processed and their status (in my situation) or moving/deleting files related to the bot which was abruptly closed.

Hi @Aditi.av

Have you checked the attended framework?

May be you can customize to use for your need. I mean introduce some button over your automation to control user action.


@balaraman.ramiya I have looked into this one but not quiet approved by the business user.
Thanks for the information though.

@Aditi.av Check the below video