How to Perform A Clean Studio Reinstallation?

How to perform a clean Studio reinstallation?

Issue Description: When the Studio installation gets corrupted or when a suspected issue is caused by any leftover files / cache from an older Studio version, it is recommended to perform a Studio clean reinstallation.

Instructions: To perform a clean reinstallation, follow the steps below:

  1. Close all the running instances of UiPath Studio
  2. Uninstall Studio from Control Panel - admin rights might be needed to uninstall the product (if by any chance there are more installed instances, uninstall all of them)
  3. When the uninstall is completed delete any remaining folders pertaining to UiPath Studio, as advised in the Modify or Uninstall Studio page
  4. Reinstall using the initial installer file or download the file from the UiPath Customer Portal.

For detailed information on installation options, check the documentation on Installing Studio.