How to Paste Direct in Word File Summary Table?

I extract web browser data with StudioX and .We are making an algorithm to save files in CSV and attach Summary Tables to specific locations in word files, but there are a lot of contents of LawData (.csv) files to attach Summary Tables right, so we are processing in Excel files in the middle stage, creating Summary Tables, and attaching them to the final word document, is there any way to attach them directly without going through Excel files in the middle?
I would like to know if there is another way to change the value of the word document table with StudioX.
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Check this out

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Hi @rosshild21 ,
Have you tried “insert table”


If you need to do some data manipulations before pasting then you can perform the same manipulation on datatable directly …you have options like filter datatable which helps in filtering the rows and column as well

Then you can insert the massaged data into work using insert datatable activity

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Hi @rosshild21

For direct manipulation of Word tables using StudioX, it might require scripting or custom activities. To do so, you may need to:

  1. Utilize the “Invoke VBA” activity to run custom VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code in Word to insert tables.
  2. Write VBA code to open the Word document, locate the insertion point, and add tables programmatically.

What’s mean filter datatable?
Would you let me know the way Specifically? Thanks :slight_smile:


From web I hope the data is first extracted into datatable…and from there there is an activity filter datatable which will filter the rows the and columsn…as per screenshot you provided looks like you are trying to modify the rows and columns by filtering some data either in rows/columns

In filter datatable you can send the datatable you have and specify the column name which you want to apply filter on and filter it for a specified value…similarly there ia columns tab where you can sepcify a column name and choose option to either temove or keep the column so that if any column is not needed we cna remove it

Please check the below

Check this basic guide on how to use it

If further clarification is needed please feel free to let us know