How to pass wildcard in between webctrl - Class

Hi Guys,

I have a requirement, i want to extract data from webpage i observed there is some data web control class is <webctrl class=‘desc filter-exact-match part-description’ and some data is <webctrl class=‘desc filter-possible-match part-description’ is there any option i can pass wildcard to extarct data irrespective of possible match or exact match ?

I tried passing wildcard by replacing possible/exact it didn’t work and i tried to pass entire webctrl class as wildcard its utter failure.

My Full Metadata selector :


any other suggestion ???



Replace variable part in selector with wild card ‘*’ and then validate selector to check whether it is valid or not.

Tried its no working

Can you try with this selector ‘desc filter-*-match part-description’.

When i try this * output as * only.


Sorry, I couldn’t understand the above point.

Hi @Lawrance_A

Are you speaking about the data scraping activity and it’s xml selector?
If so, then I can confirm that it doesn’t understand wildcards just yet. I believe it will be improved in the future (cannot provide specific timeline).

"<webctrl id='canvas_?' tag='CANVAS' />" or

"<webctrl id='canvas_*' tag='CANVAS' />"

is not working… And more over… UIpath is changed completely… No option to validate

Hi @t91ssav

Could you explain a bit more? Feel free to create a new topic with a detailed explanation of your issue. Context is everything when solving issues with selectors :slight_smile: