How to pass variables to 'click image' selector in uipath

As far as i know, Variables to Selector can only be passed through expression editor.
But while working with ‘Click Image’ activity,I am not able to pass the variable to selector, because once i provide the image, the selector becomes Selector editor and i am not able to use any variables inside selector editor.

Can anyone help with that.

I was wondering why’d you wanna pass variable in click image activity .
All it does is click on specific image on the target application. Which you can’t edit right?

anyway may i know what exactly your variable does?

Click image and other image related activities does not require selectors. If you will provide it it may faill letter on and if after selection sometimes it will be generate automatically then clear it.


Example. I have a image of my computer icon. And save is as a. Jpg. How can we load a. Jpg and save into temporary variable call image1 and perform clik image using image1?