How to pass variables into UIpath process after clicking "submit"?

I have created a simple app with UiPath Apps. How can I pass the collected data into UiPath process in order to handle it forward? Any help is appreciated…

@ext-o ,

You can pass the data from process to Apps or from Apps to Process.

You can pass simple data like string, integer and others from Apps to Process and you can Pass same data from Process to Apps and you can return list of data as well from Process to Apps.

→ Create a process
→ Create In Argument to get data from Apps to Procecss
→ Create out argument to pass data from Process to Apps
→ Deploy Process
→ Run Once from Orchestrator and test it
→ Go to Apps
→ Add Process into Apps
→ Perform operation on apps Rule (Run Process)

Follow below documents for more details.