How to pass variable into selector



Try Selector.ToString()

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Hi Arivu,

"<html app='chrome.exe' /><webctrl aaname='"+Selector.ToString()+"' parentid='block-browse-category-browse-category' tag='A' />"

I have tried with Selector.ToString(), however unfortunately still encounter same error. Below is my workflow.


MainCategories is a dataTable.



@4307798 title give some value or use “*”, can you send the xaml file for better understanding.

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Hi Arivu96,

Unfortunately i not able to upload attachment due to new user limitation.

I’m thinking if there any other way I can provide the xaml to you for checking.



I found the solution. Do not click … (3 dots) to expand & see the selector & replace the contents with your variable. Rather, delete the contents in the selector box without expanding or opening it and paste your variable there.


i also face same issue. i am not able to add variable to selector. even upon converting variable to string


Hi ,
I have requirement i need to pass variable into selector where my tableRow starts from 2,
Please find the screenshot of the selector,where iam using tableRow=’"+pRowCounter.ToString+"'

and iam not getting how to give pRowCounter, if i use assign activity what should be the value!, where the value of tableRow increments in foreach loop


It worked for me. But what I don’t understand now is what difference does it make when you edit the same selector in the pane on right.


@Bhavesh_Nambiar it’s because, in the editing section, you are still trying to make the changes n the layout of the elements of the source selector, which technically doesn’t hold a variable in reality. To be specific, the variable that you are trying to pass isn’t a part of the original selector.

Sorry for the late reply…

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