How to pass variable into selector

please check my workflow . (21.2 KB) (21.7 KB)

Same selectors of my previous upload.

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What is your month criteria? Do you have a range specification? Below selector works for Next month in IE, if idx=1 works for Current month (Since two calenders are opening). Similarly if you click Next Page, idx=1 works for Odd Month, Idx=2 works for Even month. Based on that criteria try to pass Idx variable as well.

The above logic varies if you select current month or next month because if you select next month, the page is automatically showing next month(idx=1),next month+1(idx=2) calenders

"<webctrl idx='2' tag='TABLE' /><webctrl aaname='"+dateval+"' tag='TD' />"

`Main.xaml (9.3 KB)


Thank you @vvaidya for rectifying the mistake i made. didn’t expected IDX has such a important role in this.
Though i was wondered how uipath will identify date as there are two months visible on the screen at the same time.

Much appreciated .
Hatsoff genius. :+1:

I entered dates with Type Into activity in the date box, the calendar date didn’t get hilighted. I changed activity option from SimulateType to SendWindowMessages and it worked. See if it solve your problem.

but what is ui-datepicker-div’? how did you get this element?

I’ts the date picker selector attribute .
You get in UiExplore for most of the calendar.

Hi I understand that but the element I selected has a different parentid so why should I choose ‘ui-datepicker-div’

No need to pass ui-datepicker-div’. You can proceed with which ever the attribute available .
Its just an workaround example.

Thanks. It worked for me :grinning:

Hello can Anyone share with me how you find the selector as


The selector that I can get is like that. Also any need to do so that I can find the correct selector.

hey @dwshowtime

Kindly go through with below links, Hope this will be helpful for you :slight_smile:


May I know how can I get the selector in find element. I can’t get the same attribute

Hello Aksh,

I have tried, but that one just a high level to test you UiExplorer. And detail or suggestion to use UiExplorer. and guideline ?

Have you check the mentioned link?


Yes. I did, but still not able to pick up the correct selector which is same as the example is which mention at above.

Hey @dwshowtime

In that guide you will see many controls as well so validate your selector by selecting different properties and you will check with a hover indication that where your selectors are referring on the screen.

you have to select different levels and properties if you are not getting anything. with the available one.


Thanks Aksh,

I would also like to know when try to find the element, should find the element by click the red part, or orange or yellow part?

It is totally depends on that web page or website dom element structure mate.
so once you will get even red part selectors then observe them and check are they enough to select mentioned element on the screen if not try to get yello part and check the attributes of the selectors :slight_smile:


"<html app='chrome.exe' /><webctrl aaname='"+Selector+"' parentid='block-browse-category-browse-category' tag='A' />"

I encounter error below with above code

Can someone please advice on this?