How to pass variable in write cell range

how to pass a variable to write cell range which has a value like B:B10

Hello @sathish_Kumar6
There is a property β€œText” for the activity which you can pass the value


you can do like that

Hi @sathish_Kumar6
Please go through the below xaml file. It will help you
Thanks and Regards
WriteRange.xaml (5.6 KB)


We can do like this…

Create a int variable

Assign IntCounter = 2

The above assign should outside the for each loop

Now take any loop (Foe Each, While, Do-While, For Each Row in DataTable)

inside the for each row do like this

Take one write cell activity perform like this


In the end of the loop increment the counter like this

Assign intCountrer = intCounter+1

This will increment the counter value

Try this and let me know


thanks bro it worked

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thanks for the reply

thanks for the reply thiru

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thanks for the workflow file sreejith

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