How to pass variable in range property in the attached screenshot



Try like this:

If you are trying to write in “A” Column then


Attached is the excel file. I have to search for the values in column LSE#(for eg i am searching for the first value 705060.This will give me the row in which i have to write the value. Now i want to write two values for this 705060 in columns %split and barrels but under a particular month (mar-19) in this case.

So help me in finding the column name for month(mar-19) and then using its index in form of a variable in write cell activity.

As u r using for each row , in that by using counter as A : u are using it in condition for write cell
after that you are increment it so that whenever condition satisfied it will write in that row only
Hope u get my point


Use below code to get col index


And convert as char to get Alpha letters.

convert.ToChar(65).ToString it means A. Then add your index value

like this convert.ToChar(65+Index).ToString