How to pass variable in CV click activity?


I am trying to click radio button using by input values from excel,
but i am not able to pass variable to CV click activity.

Please give suggestions for this.

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in CV activities we dont have an option to click on SPECIFIC TEXT

so in that case use SEND HOT KEYS Activity inside the SWITCH ACTIVITY
where for particular word it will go to particular CASE, inside which use number of send hot key activity with key as tab so that it will navigate across the fields and once after reaching use Send hot key activity with key as enter which will make the radio button enabled

its more like how we navigate across fields only with keyboard and not with mouse

why switch is, for one field we may need to use 5 time tab key while for another field or specific value from excel we may need to navigate 7 time with tab key, so thats why

Hope this would help you

Cheers @vasanthbalan