How to pass value from studio to add transaction item

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I am unable to find how to pass the values for the add trasaction item, can any one guide me.

There’s an activity “Add transaction item” in UiPath.System.Activities package and you can pass parameters to the transaction by adding parameters to “TransactionInformation” property. Please see below screenshot:

But this activity, sets the transaction status to “In progress” as soon as it adds the transaction item.

If you don’t want to set the status to “In progress”, then use “Add Queue Item” activity and pass values in “ItemInformation” property. See screenshot below:

This activity will create the transaction item and set it’s status as “New”

Hi Surya,

My requierment is to get set the transaction state to InProgress. and i have created a library package for this activity.

ok. Now you want to know how to pass values from data row to your activity inputs. Am I correct?

If yes, you can use CurrentRow.item(“ColumnName”). For example, if you have a column called “Department” in your data table, then you can pass department value to your activity input like CurrentRow.item(“Department”)

yes Surya, at the first screen shot i mentioned like i am reading the input file from the excel using for each. is this process correct ?

if wrong,how can i get the data from the input file.

when i run the code. it showing this error.

Check if that column exists in your excel file, check the spelling of the column name and also check if there’s any space at the end of column name in the excel file.

There is no spelling mistakes or spaces in the input file,

In this image, it shows “Sector” as the column name, but in the previous image error message says
Column “Sectore” does not belong to table DataTable. Are you sure you typed "CurrentRow.item(“Sector”)? I meant are you sure you typed correct column name in the add-transaction activity input?

ya sorry i typed a “sectore”. now corrected it, after running i am getting orchestrator error. as per previous screen is this process flow is correct ? for the requierment.

I’m sorry. I don’t know what this error means

its okay. thanks for the support. issue sorted. in orchestrator the status changed to InProgress after running this. thanks for the support.

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