How to pass two values in single http wizard parameter?

here in document id , i have to pass two values . i am getting error while giving values in paticular format
“v1”,“v2” etc

Have you checked the documentation of the respective API to see what format it expects? Have you tried simply v1,v2 or {v1,v2} or “v1,v2”? What is the error you are getting? That might help you search for a solution.

i tried these but still same error

we were asking for api / request documentation, but you shared with us the response.

to which which endoint / system / api is the request sent?


invalid url for us

u cant connect to it as it works only in our domain

then this url is not helping us and the question remains still unanswered.But if you can access the api you can check it or make tha api docu available for us if it is possible

other options you can try is

  • sending 2 delete requests

  • adding to documentids to the parameter
    documentids V1
    documentids V2

  • do some experiments with json array strings