How to pass transaction data in get transaction data without queues?

in init I extracted data & assigned that datatable output to transactiondata.
And applied filter like this in assign activity,
In import arguments,given
In process flow,I need to copy that filtered transaction data to excel sheet2

Yes perfect (1.1 MB)
Please help

here can you replace the it with below you will get it
dt_TransactionData.AsEnumerable.Where(function(a) a(“Result”).ToString.Equals(“pass”)).CopyToDataTable

at this step I am getting data but in get transaction data getting error as object reference not set to instance of object

Just check the mapping of arguments
The message it is showing that your arguments are no mapped properly

Thanks. It worked.

Thanks :blush: and finally you got it

don’t know why I took fresh reframework template& did again the flow. Then it worked fine.

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