How to pass transaction data in get transaction data without queues?

HI. In init getting extracted data table output from website, given filter condition & assigned that output to transaction data in initalization step. After that in get transaction data error coming as value null.
from that datatable output need to copy to excel sheet & reextract from website & copy to excel.
How can we achieve this? Please help anyone

Hi @vnsatyasunil


So you extracted some data from a Website,
Applied some filters on it,
and we have a ready DataTable which would consists of some Transactions.

Now in Get Transaction Data State you are saying it is coming null?
Can you please check whether you have passed the variable correctly to the argument?
Can you check it using debuggers in your code?



Ideally the data can be passed to transactiondata variable…which can be used in get transaction data to get each row from it

And please verify if the transactiondata is linked in arguments and also the direction is in/out


If I debug I am getting
in_TransactionNumber=0 & io_transactionData=required datatable output.

In init,TransactionData=required datatable output.So in get transaction data import arguments given io_transactiondata=transactiondata

in get transaction data i passed like this as in screenshot

After this step, process finished due to no more transaction data coming. In process I have given sequence of copying filtered data table output from init to excel & reextracting


Ideally transactionnumber would be starting from 1 in re framework

Can you please tell where you are getting these values


can you check in the import arguments section in GetTransactionData State whether you have captured the out argument in the variable.

Since you have changed RE framework from queues to DataRow, the value section of argument becomes empty.

out_transactionItem = io_TransactionData(in_transactionnumber)
change the out_transactionItem datatype to DataRow
and in the process you get each row we are caliing each row to out_transactionItem…
in_trasactionnumber is a int32 datatype
try once any help let me know

yes the same way only I did

yes changed it is datarow only

in get transaction data workflow where I attached the screenshot I am getting the values


Is the direction of transaction item out?


let me know where your are facing issuse
here in_transaction number default value strats from 1
so use io_transactionData(in_transactionnumber-1) gets the first row item
and make out_transactionItem datatype to Datarow
and check the mapping of arguments properly

yes out_transactionitem

Did the same way as u told but no transaction data coming.
Can you please share sample workflow ?

I debugged it. Iam getting
so given
if in_transactionnumber<io_transactiondata.rows.count
assigned out_transactionitem=io_transactiondata(in_transactionnumber-1) (950.1 KB)
you need to give in_transactionnumber<=io_transactiondata.rows.count
and need to check the argument data type
we change 3 datatypes of the arguments to DataRow 1.out_transactionItem,2.TransactionItem,3.in_transactionItem
once check it you will find it thanks

It is same but after this step
if I debug out_transactionitem= coming in messagebox

You have to call as out_transcationitem(“ColumnName”).tostring
As your are calling just out_transactionitem i will give just
Columnname means your input excel any column name

if I give out_transactionitem(“columnname”).tostring, correct value coming.
after this assign step,out_transactionitem=io_transactiondata(in_transactionnumber-1)
process finished due to no data coming

Can you share the workflow so that i can help you better