How to pass SOAP body under SOAP request activity

Hi Team,

I have a SOAP request where i need to specify the body in xml format for each operation. Not sure how to provide the body in SOAP request activity.

Please Support.


If you are trying to use the httprequest activity to parse through a SOAP request in which you require it to be in the XML format you should use the property identified bellow

See if it works for you.

While trying that, Body should be in xml format. How should i pass the xml body as a string? Can i directly pass the xml as i pass it in postman?

I have converted the xml body into text and passed it in body parameter of http request.

For this the response code i am getting is 500 and response with some error as mentioned below :
Couldn’t create SOAP message due to exception: XML reader error: com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxUnexpectedCharException: Unexpected character ‘h’ (code 104) in start tag Expected a quote \n at [row,col {unknown-source}]: [1,26]</ns0:Fault></S:Body></S:Envelope>

Please Suggest.

You can copy the request from Postman or SoapUI into the body proprierty of the httprequest , but you have to take in consideration that the “body” should be enclosed in " " , if the request has " " in it you could try first to change it to ’ ', also it should be linearized.

If need be, you can share the body of the httprequest in here.

You can try VisualStudioCode with the XML Tools to linearize the code and edit the request.