How to pass secure string to a sharepoint activity

Hi guys,

We have enabled and enforced workflow analyzer rules related to secure password practices. Thus, everytime, we try to use string in place of secure string for passwords or we are using these variables as global etc., we are thrown error which is all as expected.

Now the issue we have faced is with Sharepoint activity usage in uipath studio.

Under this activity, it is expected to pass password as a string in properties panel, but this is not in compliance with workflow analyzer rules enabled. hence, we are not able to proceed.

Can anyone share if there is a way to pass secure string to this activity or is there any other activity which can be used to access sharepoint which accepts secure string?

An early response would be really appreciated.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47

Instead of using SharePoint activity , login into SharePoint and download files as manually we do (like clicking,typing etc…)