How to pass rows of data in a Data table and create a .csv file at the end of the loop?


So I have automated a set of steps where I create and store item id, customer id & name.
I have used while loop to perform the steps to create it n times. Now for each iteration I want variables of item id, customer id & name to store in a row of data table and when it exits the loop I want to create a CSV file.
How can achieve this?

Hi @Duwa

First Read the excel file using read range
Then use For each Row and take The particular row you want
And Use Write Csv and pass the output dt


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I guess you got my question wrong, Let me explain what exactly I am trying to do.
First I have automated a website to generate data into three variables lets say A,B and C
And every time you run, you get a set of new data for A,B and C.
So now I am looping through the workflow for n times to produce n values for A,B and C.
This values should be stored in a datatable and when counter = n time, it should generate a .csv file with multiple datasets of A,B,C