How to pass parameter between process using queue

I have 1 process with add queue activity. in that process I place in the “reference” variable.
I have 2nd process and I want to use this parameter and pass it to the 2nd one for example : orderNum
How I need to declare the variable in the 2nd process in order to use it correctly ?


Can you be a little more clear…is it a dispatcher performer?

When you say you want to pass…are you not adding the value to queue?..if added to queue when second process retrieves it …it can read the data


If you want to create second queue for the second process and in this second queue you need the same reference as in the 1st one you can

Add two queue items in the first process (add item to 1st and 2nd queue). You could also place add queue item in process state of the forst process, so the item could be added at the end of the process execution.

Hi @Yameso
I can’t pass 2 parameters in 1 “Add queue item” Activity in reference field ?

OK But can I pass 2 variables in 1 add queue item in reference field ? if yes what is the correct syntax please ?


You can combine both variables together and pass as reference…say var1 and var2 are the variables you want to add in reference…then you can add a reference as

Var1 + var2 …so now reference would be combination of both…

If you want to add a separator then can add var1 + "_" + var2

Hope this helps


Do you know that reference is only for identification of the item? If you want pass more data, use transaction field property.

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