How to pass OUT arguments even if BRE is thrown

I’m trying to set a flag, where… if my workflow has gone so far, set cancelOrder = True if a Business Rule exception is thrown. But obviously none of the out arguments are passing through if a BRE is thrown. So I’m trying to figure out how to pass my boolean in this case.

When any Business Rule Exception is thrown, IF the workflow has passed my check point, then it should run the cancel order script in the business rule exception Handler in my main workflow. That’s the goal. But I can’t find a good way to pass that check into my main workflow. I’m trying to avoid invoking the cancelOrder.xaml in every place where a BRE is thrown, and instead I’m trying to just handle it in the main try catch.

I saw someone posted something like this stating you can access the exception logs to find the data as a string. I’m just confused about how that’s done exactly.

Hi @HsDev

I suppose this BRE check is done in a separate workflow. Have you tried passing the boolean value as another argument to the calling workflow? You can pass true if it’s an BRE exception and false if it’s not a BRE exception. Then in the main workflow you can have a if condition or a decision activity to check what value the boolean variable holds and then execute different activities accordingly.

I don’t think you need to go through the execution logs to handle this…

Let me know if its unclear or if I haven’t understood the question properly… would be glad to help…