How to pass multiple variable to check is variable empty

Hi Guys
I have a scenario where I have a more than 20 variable and I need to check each variable contain some value.
I can use string.IsNullOrEmpty(var) function but I need a way , where I can pass multiple variable like (var1,var2 …n) to check if any value is empty
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Hi @Aleem_Khan

Put it like this

var.Tostring="“And var2.Tostring=”" And var3.ToString=""

Hope it solves your issue



Use If condition as string.IsNullorEmpty(var1) OR string.IsNullorEmpty(var2) etc…,


Var1.ToString="" OR Var2.ToString = “”

Then → some variable is wrong
Else → all variable are not null


{var1, var2, var3}.Any(Function (x) String.IsNullOrEmpty(x.Trim))
we assume alll vars of datatype string


Hi @Aleem_Khan ,

Are the values in variables fetched from an datatable?


This is i already following

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