How to pass Level 3 Assignment 1?

Do I need to every steps in the walk though in order to pass the assignment?
Or as long as the robot can perform all the steps mentioned in the PDD , I should be able to pass it?

You have to do everything in the PDD document and make sure that your Bot is executing all the processes as per the PDD, after running your workflow you can go back to System1 ACME and check if status for all transactions with WI5 items are are completed

Thanks. I am wondering if the practical exam will be similar to the assignments in Level 3? Will there be a PDD in practical exam?


For the certification final exam, there will not be any PDD. but you will be given a scecnario and some requirements to follow during the exam. So you should build the system based on those criteria. If you follow the Level 3 assignment 1 and 2 just as they say in he PDD and the walkthrough, it will be much easier for you since by then you will have a good idea of the framework and where the things should fall into

These Assignments are your exam,