How to pass integer value in application using type into or any other activity

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Hey Kalpesh, you can simply convert it to a string at runtime using

Is this what you’re after?

No, Actually I am automating VPN connection and must type authcode in integer form.

I used screen scrapping to get output from Mobilepass++ application. And saved in integer variable.

Now I need to pass that integer variable into Password field.

I had done that with type into by converting into string but it says wrong password even I can check in log msg that it is perfect.

Plz suggest

If you’re screen scraping, it’s likely that there are leading or trailing spaces.
Can you try .Trim method chained to the .ToString method?

Also, if you manually type the same password does it work?
Try printing or logging what the robot has copied, and put it between single quotes so as to highlight any unwanted characters.
e.g. Log Message → "'" + copiedText + "'"
If there is a space, it will print something like ' 1234' or '1234 ' instead '1234'.

Yes there was space between 3 digit but I removed it with Split method passcod=cint(first.Split(‘’ ‘‘c(0)) +cint(first.Split(’’ ‘’ c(1))

Now the problem is type into is not supporting integer variable.

How to solve this

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Hi @kalpesh_patel

Did you try to use set to clipboard activties and use hotkeys to paste the value ?

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Great news!

About the integer input, like I said earlier, you need to use String.
Anything you type in a textfield is treated as text by default. Programmatically or logically speaking, we might distinguish it as letters or integers. For a textfield input, it’s text.
Try integerVariable.toString again and see what you get.

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I did not try that… How to copy and past integer variable data in VPN access application

Thanks for taking interest in this query.

I need to type one type passcod generated in mobilepass app to VPN App password app.
It is not working for string.

Are you able to post screenshots?