How to pass input value to other workflow


I am getting supplier name from web page iam storing it in a “Contact” variable and end of the page iam invoking other workflow how pass this supplier name to other workflows as argument

. Kindly suggest

Hi @thima,
You can click on Edit Arguments and pass the value in arguments through variable when you invoked one page into another. It is very similar to calling one method from another method in any programming language.
If there is no relation between pages, you can use Set Asset and Get Asset along with orchestrator, to set or get data from anywhere of your project.


I am giving in edit arguments but the value is not coming when iam running the process

Try adding write line activity and pass the variable before and after invoking workflow. It will let you know whether variable has value set properly.

I am getting supplier name in variable image

Could you share a sample workflow, i will look into it.

Ariba.xaml (81.4 KB)
Catalog.xaml (41.4 KB)

Issue Resloved

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