How to pass filter options if i have dynamic data in data table

Hi Everyone ,

I am new to UI path, However Im trying to do a task with excel application scope .

here are my requirements :

  1. I need to filter raw data from one excel sheet and move the filtered data to other sheet
  2. I have the filter conditions(PARAMETERS) stored in datatable .
  3. now I want to iterate the loop through each and every item in data table and filter the excel with that parameter
    4.move it to another excel file .

could you please help me with this .

Thank you !

Hi Priya,

Am also new to UIpath am just sharing what i have learned.

Follow below steps.

  1. Read filter condition datatable
  2. put for each row , so it will read every parameter one by one
    3.Assign your parameter as variable
    4.Open raw data excel sheet assign filter as stored variable = raw data value column name(Shown in screen shot)
  3. do read range and write it in excel sheet you want.
    All above activities should be in For each row.

Lawrance A

Hi @Lawrance_A

Thank you for the response .

I dint quite understood the screenshot .could you please provide me an xaml file instead .

Can you share the excel data ? i will create example for you and send you as xaml file

RAW_DATA.xlsx (611.0 KB)

HI @Lawrance_A

please find the attached data …

Thank you !

Hi @priya_joshi_thaneti

Here you go !

Filter.xaml (7.9 KB)

I have changed your excel table to dynamic table to use filter activity.

You can select table and give CTRL+L to change it to dynamic table format

Thank you @Lawrance_A !

I will check it out and let you know in case of any hurdles :slight_smile:

Hi @Lawrance_A ,

In the xaml file you sent , you passed the value statically , However Im looking to pass the value dynamically for filtering the excel file .

reason for filtering the file, passing the dynamic conditions is because we are not sure about the paramteters … sometimes those values might get added to the raw data , however we cannot modify the bot every time .

could you please help me with that .

Hi Priya,

You can save your filter criteria as array variable and pass the variable into filter options it will work.

Refer below link to create Array.

Main.xaml (8.4 KB)

Hi @Lawrance_A,

could you please guide me more, attached is the sequence im working on .

I want the out put of duplicate(unique) values to be stored in an array or a data row .

could you please provide me with the detail steps .

hi @Lawrance_A

when Im trying to add a list and pass the datatable to list , Im getting an error "NOt all generic values can be resolved "