How to pass dynamic values in orchestrator assets

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Can you guys help me out to find if there is any solution for the below query about orchestrator assets,

Can we insert dynamic assets into orchestrator ?
Example : I have a password which changes each and every time we login, here we fetch the password from a webservice where user id remains the same.

So my question here is, is there any process where we can hook this webservice in orchestrator so that it should fetch the password from webservice and update the asset periodically.

To my knowledge there is no such process in orchestrator, if there is any please do reply so that it helps.

Thanks in advance…

Did you try this


You can set Asset and Credential from Studio only


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Thankyou for the response,

But it should not be done from the studio, with in the orchestrator is there any process where we can hook up an api which will fetch the data and update accordingly.


I don’t think there is an option in Orchestrator to do this. You can create another which will do this for accomplishing your task.


Please follow below tutorial on assets

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