How to pass date from excel to date picker?

Hello All,

I am fetching date from excel and want to pass to date picker but don’t know how to assign date variable to click activity (instead of selecting date want to pass date from excel) so please help me to fix this issue. Here is the print screen.

@NavneetPanpaliya check attached url Calender Selection based on Excel Date

Hello @indra the solution you provided it worked and resolved my issue. Thank you very much for your great help. :slight_smile:

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Hey @indra, the solution you provided it worked and resolved my issue but I am facing another issue where I am trying to fetch date (e.g. 30 July 2018) from excel but program is selecting 30 June 2018 because on calendar there are 2 instances of ‘30’. Do you have any idea, how to resolve this issue?


how can i post a new question please tell its urgent

Hey @goharmalik, You can click on new topic button on home page of this forum and create new question.

thanks @NavneetPanpaliya i have posted a wuestion if you can help topic is sales order responsiveness

sorry sales invoice responsiveness