How to pass datatable variable to "Set Field At Position" in Mainframe

I am working in mainframe application and i want to send excel datatable to “Set Field At Position” activity as variable , but its not working can anybody suggest other option to do this.

Hi. Can you show how you are using the activity and properties with screenshots, and any errors you are getting or explain how it is not working?

Also, you can’t send a datatable, but you can send individual items in the table. To send an individual item you will need to use the column name or index on a data row, like this: row("columnname").ToString.Trim


Thanks for reply.
I am using outputDataTable Activity converting table to string and passing that variable to Set Field Position activity.

I have tried with print individual item but for next column its giving error no position (for column) found.
i am giving next position for column as 4( as length of first item in row is 2)

Have you tried using the Move Curser activity followed by a Send Keys activity to type your string? Also set the DelayMS to 0 to speed it up.

I’m not sure the Set Field activities work for certain mainframes, and I don’t have much experience using the fields.