How to pass data from invoked workflow to main project

Hello Everyone,
I’m a new learner of uipath ,and have a problem about how to pass data in/out the invoke workflow.
here is my project and data form.

anyone know how to solve this ?

thank you in advanced
best regards, (22.6 KB)

Hi @ChangShuang

I’m sorry I couldn’t help you in detail because I couldn’t see the file.

Did you check the Argument of the “Invoke File” activity?

It shall be created on the Flowchart of the “invoke File” and on the argument tab next to the Variable tab at the bottom.

Transferring values from an external workflow to an internal workflow works normally.

Yes I created an argument in the invoke file as blow, but it doesn’t work.

What is the error coming when you debug

the error is like this :
I tried to confirm whether I had pass the DT successfully ,so I add a write line activity as: DTAll.rows.count.tostring.


It seems you set DTAll as not only Argument but also Variable in OutPoutData.xaml.
Can you try to remove DTAll Variable (and keep DTAll Argument)?


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Do you have any data type defined as generic?
Just change to string

Thank you very much~ I removed the variable and succeed!!

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Thank you very much for your reply, I solved the problem by removing the variable as yoichi-san say

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