How to pass Config path from Uipath Assistant?

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How to pass Config path from UiPath Assistant instead of giving hardcoded config path in ReFramework ?

Please give in step by step detail.

Muralikrishna Surve

Hi ,

  1. In the Reframwork , pass the config path as arguments and use it while reading config file.
  2. Open UiPath Assistant.
  3. Find the process that uses the ReFramework workflow .
  4. In the preview side , the arguments will be displayed and value can be passed .
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  1. Create an input argument in main.xaml for config
  2. Pass this argument value to the initallsettings.xaml and use that argument in read config read tange activity
  3. In assistant on the process you can right click or select the process and see the input arguments where the filepath can be provided


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