How to pass assets from config file without using assets in orchestrator in reframework

Given sharedrivepath in config file and config file path in orchestrator asset.Can anyone please guide?


Can you be more clear on what is needed

If you are using re framework then in assets rab of config you have to give the asset name in the second column…and first column value is to be used in get asset to retrieve the asset value

If you want to directly give the values in config without asset then give the values in settings or constants tab


Hello @vnsatyasunil

i hope you need to get some static value from the config file and you dont want to check in asset.

If yes, you can keep the value in the Constant sheet in the config. If it is some threshold or setting related add the value to the settings sheet.

If you add in asset sheet it will try to get from orchestrator.


Given config file path in orchestrator
Sharedrivepath in config file and queue name in config file.Is that correct way to do in reframework?


  1. Queue Name given in Config settings tab is correct
  2. Why and where did you give the config path in Orchestrator? Ideally config path is used to read config in Studio while getting assets in the InitAllSettings xaml. No need to give it in Orchestrator
  3. Which shareddrivepath did you give in config? and which tab of config have you used?


2.config path is location where config file is i have to create configpath variable in config asset and


Just think…without knowing the config file location how would bot read the config file to get the asset values?


It is reading from config file only in read config workflow file.queue is given in settings sheet only


As stated above 3 points…queue is correct…remaining are not needed/wrong