How to pass arguments to Isolated Workflow

Can I pass the Arguments into Isolated Workflow or is it recommended only for Stand Alone Workflows?

In 2016.2 the argument values are null in the Invoked Workflow, but when I uncheck the option it works fine.

Please suggest

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Should work with serializable arguments. What datatype did you pass?

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I’m passing a DataRow. It was working in 2016.1 and we moved to 2016.2 few weeks back.

Data Row is not serializable as far as I am aware - surprised that this ever worked for you.

Quick solution would be to add that datarow to a brand new datatable with just the one row and pass that across instead.


Was googling the same stuff after @badita mentioned about serializable data types and as you mentioned, datatrow doesn’t support serialization.I guess I have to pass in data table.I wonder why it never threw the error in dev.

And Thanks both!!