How to pass arguments between 2 xaml file


How to pass the argument in xaml as input get the value of the same as output to other xaml file. Could you please explain with example.

I have tried the below scenario but not getting it. Attached the file for the same.

Thanks, (29.1 KB)


You need to specify direction as In/Out for those arguments.

I have done that also. But not working

(One more - I need to pass 2 values as output arguments (get the values from Data table) as input arguments to other xaml file.

@Bala_Murugan_Kothand Could you specify as to what are you trying to do and what is the desired output your looking for ?

I’m reading the values from one excel sheet(say: TestExcel- containing 3 rows)
Values as
TC03,Close Y

read the above excel cell and getting the values based on the condition (Flag = ‘Y’)
and storing to one Data table.

Again need to get TCID from the above Data table as output arguments and pass to other xaml as input arguments to compare the tcid values to other excel sheet

How to do it, could you please suggest.



Step1 : Create global variable under sequence as show in the screenshot.

Step 2: Create arguments in both the workflows

Step 3 : Now do the linking between the variable and the argument in the main workflow.

Attaching the workflow for better understanding… Hope the rest of the things will be easy for you to carry out.

mark it as a solution if you find it valuable. (34.2 KB)


I tried but its coming only one testcaseid (TC03) only. I need other one also. (TC01)

Its displaying TC01

Run my file. (34.2 KB)

It’s reading 1st excel sheet from first work flow- Based on flag condition (Flag = ‘Y’)
we’ll get TC01 and TC03,right?

So I need to get these 2 values as output arguments and pass it to other xaml file as input arguments.

As per your suggesiion - I’m getting TC0 value only in 2nd xaml file. Need to get TC01 also,right? How to get it.


You need to take one value at a time and perform operation as its in “for each row”

You need to call the one workflow inside another.

Thanks for your update. It’s working fine.

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