How to pass argument to config in Uipath Bot

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I have one argument in_Reqemail this argument I need to pass as argument in orchestraor.
If argument contains mail id bot send the summary report to that mail I’d along with To mail-id .
In config file I have To Mail Id so, this argument need to append the To mail id in config file.
After the bot run bot will send the summary report to To Mail Id along with ReqEmail(argument).

How to pass the argument to config file or how to append the argument to Tomailid in config.
And send the summary report to both mail IDs.

Please help me to give suggestions.


Let’s take like you are getting the mail id from orchestrator as a argument
You will be using that argument in send mail activity
Now along with that you can append config mail id as well
I believe you would have read the confit within the code as a dictionary
You can put something like this

in_mailid.ToString + “;” + in_config(“your mailid key”).ToString

Where in_mailid is an argument and in_config is a dictionary variable holding all the field name (key) and value of it

Hope this helps

Cheers @Baby123

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Thank you @Palaniyappan .

It’s working.

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