How to pass a variable into selector and find date-based folder


I like to select a date-based folder in the popup window.


Since the popup window doesn’t have a search bar where I can put the full path of the destination folder, I have to drill down through the folder structure.

Is it possible to use a variable in a ctrl name statement? If so, how do I declare it and use it in the Selector Editor?

I have the following statement that works fine:


I have added a variable in a ctrl name statement, but it won’t select a date based folder I want to click: the “10-03-2018” folder.


Can you please advise how I should update the selector?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Main.xaml (11.0 KB)

Hi @anna100 ,

Create one variable of string type and assign the date of your wish… And, now call the variable within the selector…
Ex: varDate is the variable that contains date

Partial Selector should be like this :

Let me know if you need anything more…

Best Regards,
Santosh Pothina

Hi Santosh. Can you tell me how partial selector looks like? It appears that you gave me an example of the partial selector in your post but I cannot see it…



It’s the issue with forum…

Please check now
Ctrl name=‘“+varDate+”’

Best Regards,
Santosh Pothina

Thanks, Santosh. I have updated the selector using “varDate” but still no luck…

It does scroll down but won’t click the “10-03-2018” folder…

Am I missing something?

Main.xaml (12.6 KB)

Try entering below code in the selector without opening the editor window.

You can find your workflow with updated selector -
Main_DynamicSelector.xaml (12.7 KB)

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I’ve updated the selector by not opening the editor window and it worked. Thanks!